Tips for Choosing the Ideal Mattress

The crib is the main mobile of the baby’s room, and is responsible for various tasks. It dictates the decor of the environment and is where the baby will spend much of his time, especially in the first months of life, when the little one spends more time sleeping. The newborn can get to sleep for up to 20 hours a day, and researchers say the crib mattress may be the most toxic place for the infant. Therefore, it is imperative that the choice is carefully analyzed to ensure perfect health, comfort and warmth. To help with this important task, we separate the main tips for an ideal choice but black Friday mattress deals are the best deals available online!

To ensure the baby’s tranquil sleep, choosing the crib mattress is essential and just as important as choosing the crib itself!

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  • It should be firm, flat and the right size, so you do not leave spaces for the small fall or get stuck.
  • The density is very important as it ensures greater durability. It should be between D18, for the little ones, up to 3 years old, that supports up to 35kg, or D20, which, being harder, is recommended for the smallest, holding up to 50kg.

Quality is very important! The crib mattress should be non-deformable. It is advisable to turn once a month, and at the slightest sign of deformity, should be changed immediately. Always opt for the model that has certification.

  • It needs to be foam, nape of springs. At least one face should be waterproof, in case of pee or poop leaks. In these cases, it is necessary to clean immediately and leave to air.
  • The treatment of crib mattress is also essential. It should be anti-allergic and anti-allergic.
  • Avoid buying used mattresses. Aside from the baby’s weight probably having already given up the foam and lost the factory density, body fluids may have left fungus, mold or other bacteria. Recent studies already associate these fungi with infant mortality.

Now you know the main points for an ideal crib mattress, and know where to buy the best! Just go straight to the shop, no doubt and scares!