Memory foam mattress: high resilience foam

The true high-end memory foam can be recognized by its very high density: between 80 and 85 kg / m 3 minimum. The leaders in this field are the big brands, but it is possible to acquire the same quality at more affordable prices. High-density memory foam comes from the medical community, originally to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers. It allows to completely lightening the pressure points thanks to a progressive depression of your body and gives an impression of unparalleled weightlessness. The memory foam is able to relieve your back or joint problems.

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Attention, if you are hot at night or if you sweat a lot, it is necessary to privilege sufficiently cellular memory foam present in our range (shape memory foam version). Otherwise, prefer a latex mattress or spring, much more breathable.

Choose the Comfort and Firmness of Your Mattress

The comfort of your mattress depends on several factors. The notion of comfort is subjective but depends primarily on morphology. It is therefore important to choose a mattress support and firmness adapted to your body type. The firmness felt for a mattress may be very different depending on the size and weight of the sleeper.

The comfort of the mattress is ensured for the most part by its suspension which ensures the support of the body. This support is more or less flexible or more or less firm depending on the soul of the mattress. Back pain or no, the support and firmness of the mattress are essential elements to choose your bedding. A mattress too soft is obviously not ideal for a person who suffers from back pain.

Guarantee and assistance:  important for each mattress is also durability over time and above all the assistance that the brand can offer! Generally the most common guarantee for a mattress is 10 years, but there are companies that extend the guarantee up to 20 years! Certainly this time frame is higher than the life that a mattress can have (usually it is between 10 and 15 years of age). So buy now a mattress for you at mattress firm Memorial Day sale.